Understanding the world

I mentioned in the previous chapter that the problem with the world is that there are actually two spiritual worlds that people think are one. But what makes it a problem what you believe? The answer lies in the hologram. Science has now reached the point where it has realised that the physical world is nothing but a gigantic hologram. What does this mean in spiritual and practical terms? This question reflects the two hemispheres of the human brain, which is the key to this whole issue.

In a spiritual sense, all questions are about God, but the problem is that each dimension means a different thing. One can generate a serious debate just by trying to define the concept itself. And then there are the atheists, which is a double twist to the story, because if you deny the existence of something, you are actually affirming it. Back then I started out with no evidence for it, but no evidence to the contrary. I think this is the real scientific approach and it can only be undertaken by a person who on the one hand is not baptised and on the other hand is seriously determined to get to the bottom of it.

If you start meditating alone and keep yourself outside the teachings of others, you will slowly realize that this question of God does not make sense as you have seen it in the world. The way you have seen this question in the world so far, it only makes sense if this sense is related to the second spiritual world. To that which man has created. But how can man create such a thing? By the fact that the hologram has a property, which I can best explain as what you believe you have. So the hologram is related to your belief. That means that it's not just the mind that interacts with it, or not just the rational hemisphere of your brain, but the intuitive hemisphere as well. The best proof of this is hypnosis, where if you believe that the coin in your hand is a glowing piece of metal, your hand will burn. A good example of this is walking on parry in counterpoint in team building training, where the opposite happens under the influence of belief. So faith is one of the keys to your relationship with the hologram. The other is knowledge. It is also the two that determine your place in the world.

If you burn your hand in hypnosis because you believe it is a glowing piece of metal, it is a direct confirmation of what some religions and philosophies of worldviews say, that our world is nothing but an illusion. If I were to translate that into the language of our world today, I would say that our world is nothing but a holographic video game that you live and play in. And this interpretation opens the way for you to sort out within yourself the problem of the two spiritual realities that are thought to be one. If you are looking for the first spiritual reality, you will find it within yourself alone. When I started to develop my own spiritual framework, I did not even touch this issue, all I did was to ensure that the second spiritual world could not interfere. But why and how was this second spiritual world created?

Imagine a player who gets into this video game forgetting everything about the world outside of it and knowing nothing about the game's features. This is exactly the situation of a newborn baby. But a newborn baby is born into a civilisation where the world is explained to it from an early age, and this is accelerated when the child goes to school. He/she has to learn a lot of things by the time he/she reaches adulthood. However, 90% of this knowledge is knowledge discovered by others, which he/she is forced to accept as fact and has no choice but to do so, because he/she has neither the time nor the capacity to rediscover everything that others have done before him/her over the centuries. There is no problem with this if it is done within the proven and controlled framework of science, but religion is a different matter. But how did religions evolve? By man of that time seeing, say, a flash of lightning, which they attributed to higher invisible forces, and what they believed about it, the hologram created for them. Because the hologram created it for them, they sooner or later became aware of certain laws, which then gave rise to complex religions. If you were to ask me if what the church says is true, I would say that if you believe it, it is true for you.

When you are born, you use the hemisphere of your brain that is wired to the intuitive channel. As an adult, you would call such a person a magician, and this is borne out by the atmosphere surrounding, say, native peoples who are said to have magical powers. But as soon as this child starts school, the other hemisphere slowly takes over. What happens then is that the brain cells that are associated with this magic power start to close and the cells that are needed to succeed in life and strive to be accepted by society open up. Nothing else happens as the hologram adapts to you and your intentions. If you're still reading this, it suggests that on the one hand you've started to take an interest again in the cells you locked yourself in as a child, and on the other hand you don't accept what you hear about spirituality through the institutions built up. But you don't know who is actually writing it out, you can only rely on your intuition, paradoxically using your intuitive brain. That is, you either believe it or you don't. That's how religions and holograms work. That's how this game called life works.

If you say that life is not a game, you are actually taking the game seriously. And if you say that life is a game, people will think you're not serious. This logical paradox will accompany you all the way, because if you take ascension seriously, it will go hand in hand with the diminishing importance of your rational brain, with the result that you become a child in an adult body. What is your natural reaction to this? You pretend to be an adult in the adult world, which means you lie. You fool them in order to avoid being disadvantaged because you start to deviate from the pattern that is considered normal by social consensus. You can pretend not to lie to them and give a big fuck what people think of you, but that only works in the comfort zone when you are already successful and not dependent on anyone. I would say, as some visionaries preach, that you can live a full life as a shop assistant, but that will not change a world led by people who have gained the power they need, mostly undeservedly.

There are basically three types of people. The first gets his special abilities from himself, the second gets them from others, and the third combines the two. If you acquire it yourself, it is rarely done in comfort, but it can be done if you are born into a wealthy family. By walking this path, you can look in the mirror at any time without being forced to suppress with unscrupulousness what you would otherwise see. You can say that you are walking the true path, but in doing so you must survive in a fractious, dishonest world. So that's where your energies go. And in the logo of Christianity, there is a warning of what awaits those who would preach this true way to others, which is not to be thought of! For religion, when it comes into contact with the earthly power, becomes the instrument of the second spiritual world, which does not tolerate the first in its world. And we have come to the second type of man, who gets his abilities from others, at a price. That price is yourself. You will have success, you will have power over others in an institutional system where death (and then, of course, hell) awaits you if you dare to question the institutional system and its leaders. And we come to the third type of person who does.

In my case, there was a big misunderstanding. It never occurred to me to be part of a spiritual community, I visited a few such groups as a beginner to gather data and evidence to decide if the whole esoteric world was fake. In the meantime, I went my own way and kept at it even when the master realized that his words he hadn't said at the beginning didn't lead to the acceptance he expected. But in hindsight, if events had not happened that way, I would never have learned spiritual warfare at that level and never have come close to the channels from which my consciousness was panic-fired into the unknown. Which I have come to know and have given the name of deeptrans. If I had a business card, I might as well write three things on it, which by the way mean one thing: dream researcher, death researcher, god researcher.

Upon my return, I began to feel more strongly the importance of things that had previously only been in the form of the civilizational stress of lack of income. There could be two paths before me, but I started out, as usual, on a third that I was treading. I could write damn good books, be famous in America, give lectures. But practice shows that even the most brilliant lectures are true, as the saying goes, that every miracle lasts three days. I could be a holy man with the level of dimension I have behind me, but the belief that the higher the dimension, the more intentions one can assert in the here and now is wrong. Or not quite wrong, because what you believe is what you have and that is the basis of this new path. With career prospects that I may be a national security risk, but believe me, everyone is better off if we prioritize diplomacy over combat. Because part of the reason for the misunderstanding may be that I understand the world much better than those who think they have it in the palm of their hands. In the next part I will deal with the restoration of the world, because there are players on the larger table in this game who understand this to mean the abolition of the physical plane.