Questions and answers

"Do you think anyone can seriously stand up in front of any forum and say that the world is a holographic video game?"

"My claim was that it is the easiest way to understand it and my personal opinion is that it is the most effective way to understand the world from a practical point of view. This statement does not attribute any importance to anyone putting it forward in any forum."

"So what is the significance of this for you?"

"If one accepts that there are tasks of becoming and post-birth, perhaps one of them is to explain in the shortest, most concise and understandable way possible what I have come to in my meditations. But even if we don't accept it, it is still the natural human trait to share one's discoveries. If there is any benefit to me from this, it will probably be in the form of professional recognition from beginners for whom this philosophy means years."

"How does this save years?"

"Let me give you another example. If you start watching science fiction movies and series that involve time travel, star gates, parallel realities without the need for completeness, you can have fun training your brain in a short period of time to do things that take years to do in traditional eso groups."

"Prepare you for what?"

"If you pick up the Bible, you will immediately notice that two thousand years ago, the holographic scientific worldview was not available to teachers. If I tell you that the world is a holographic video game that you live and play in, you'll understand it in a minute, but two thousand years ago I would have needed at least a year."

"Let's assume I understood it in a minute. What good is it to me?"

"You're about to change your attitude to mysticism. From now on, a lot of things that were previously unbelievable or unthinkable suddenly become logical and understandable."

"Such as?"

"If you've seen adventure games running on PCs or game consoles, it's much easier to imagine the role of the angel or the higher self. Not to mention the possibilities. From here on, you might not go away with a wink if, say, he or she sends you information or help."

"It's a bit like brushing the religious line for me."

"Spirituality does not appropriate religion, religion appropriates spirituality. For my part, there is no religion in this, it is usually created by the lowly with a low view of the subject, who sniff personal business or power in the subject long after the fact. But I have thought about it and I have worked out a proper defence for it, learning from what happened to Christianity."

"What happened to Christianity?"

"The Jesus you know never existed in reality. Neither did Che that Castro made into a communist hero."

"What is your point in all this?"

"For me to talk to you about my purpose, you would need a lot of preparation. So all I can say is to bring the modern Earth, dominated by advanced man, to the proper dimensional levels."


"You do realize that I would have to answer in one sentence things that other people write books about? But not even that in this case, because the information would be centuries ahead of its time."

"But could you do it briefly, concisely and clearly?"

"Of course. You just wouldn't understand any of it."

"Let's try. So how?"

"In me."

"Yeah. Explained by the holographic worldview?"

"Yes, it is. To illustrate with an interesting example. If you take a holographic image in your hand and cut a small piece of it with scissors, and then illuminate it with a laser light, you will not see the small piece, but the whole image in small. This means that any tiny part of the hologram will contain the full information, if you know how to call it up. Seen this way, it would be easy to explain to a scientist what esotericism is. If you look at a tiny slice of yourself in meditation and illuminate it with enlightened light, you will find the world within yourself."

"So is it an internal network?"

"A network that doesn't need cables or data transmission distances. But man has created this second spiritual reality by faith, which is outside and invisible. I am not saying that he did it wrong, nor that it could have been avoided. It just created an anomaly that must have a mirror, i.e. a physical environment that was created by a similar misunderstanding of the spiritual world."

"What are you talking about? Creation?"

"If you sleep and in this dream you are surrounded by a physical environment, what do you think it is? Where are you at that time?"

"Have you met the creator?"

"You believe that the world is the result of conscious creation. The hologram can create it for you, and religions can present it to you as proof of themselves. But in answer to your question, I have visited the Heaven of your faith and what I saw there makes it absolutely inconceivable to me that this world was created by the god of your faith. Who lives in permanence and punishes all change. I think the creation and origination of a physical plane seems like a pretty big change."

"Like what you have been through?"

"First as a weird creature that they can't kill and concluded that because it seeks god, they don't put obstacles in its way and shot my consciousness into the deep. On the way back, like an even bigger god descending. By this means I would also indicate the unforeseen consequences of such deliverance from one's enemies."

"What is this even greater god doing?"

"He is restoring the world, and he is doing it at a system level, and I am sure that what you are thinking of is nowhere near the size of it. It's such an expert job that it would be utterly pointless to share details with more than the few people who get a spark from here and will show up in about 20 years."

"What will you do until then?"

"You study for fun, I do my duties for fun."

"What and why am I learning by doing?"

"Because you learn best by having fun. What you learn, you set yourself. I'm just the how here."