Understanding me

When you have your first spiritual experience, you immediately run into the first problem, which is that you perceive a collective world in your individual consciousness. But when you start to see in a larger perspective as an individual, your thinking remains individual all the time, while your consciousness slowly rises into the collective zone. The reason your thinking remains individual consciousness-based is because as an individual it is extremely difficult to understand the collective consciousness. However, any further questions that arise are immediately overshadowed by a sense of speciality and a sense of the power you have to gain an advantage over others in the game called Life.

Human society is based on the fact that there are specialities and there are experts. As your inner world comes alive, it's very hard to think that this information is very important to be careful with and almost everyone immediately turns to experts in the field. Usually because they don't know anything about it and can only find out from experts in the field. There are basically four main directions. Religion, psychology, esotericism and yourself. The credibility of religions is given by the traditions and the institutional system based on them, and the counterpoint is provided by the fallible priests. Psychology is the field of science that deals with this, it is still a young discipline and mostly treats the sharpening of the inner world as a disease. It is in the field of esotericism that the masters have emerged, setting up groups and balancing on the borderline of sectarianism. The fourth area would be the one that was originally the only area, but to do this, one has to step outside the templates that are the cornerstones of this civilisation.

What are these templates? When one comes into contact with spirituality, even at the level of interest, one immediately thinks of magic. However, it is worth clarifying the difference between magic and esotericism, as people confuse the two. Esotericism is when you look within yourself at yourself and your goal is enlightenment. Magic is when you look within yourself at the outside world and your goal is to enforce your intentions on others. The two can't really be separated at the collective level, where the individual is not understood, just as the individual doesn't understand the collective. When you look at others at the collective level, you are looking at yourself through the eyes of the collective. But if you look at the same from a lower perspective, or from outside, you see it as magic. Involving people from a lower perspective always carries a certain risk, because their accusations are rooted in ignorance, to which there is no higher perspective to respond. An excellent example of this is, say, talking to your environment about the sharpening of your inner world, which, say, changes your values and the importance of things they will see as making you crazy. Even if you tell them your experiences from your perspective, even a psychologist will not believe you if you prove it to them.

So it is a lonely way. But if it is a lonely path, what are people doing in esoteric groups, let alone church communities?

Man is a social being and does not like to be alone. But you can only do it alone. There is no other way than to do it as an individual. On this individual journey you have to gather for yourself what you need on the journey. Normally, everything will come to you, you just have to be prepared to receive it and be maturated for it. But this takes time in a hurried world. In the normal case, which is no longer a normal case in this world, you have two choices. One is to go to a deserted place and not return until you have the necessary initiations, which you call down for yourself. Which could be up to 15 years. The other is to shorten that time and copy for yourself the initiations that others already have. But if you're a beginner, you have no idea how to do this and if you start experimenting with it, you'll easily find yourself in the sights of those who are nowhere near beginners and part of a world full of things you don't know about either. And that world is full of temptations, enticement and sweet traps designed to get you into their sphere of influence so that they can use your energies to empower them. If you do so, you will stray from the individual path you started on, if you refuse, you will make resentful enemies who will use the Force against you.

From my own experience, I can tell you that what you read in the eso books is all true in the right interpretation. In fact, what successful entrepreneurs say is also true, that you have to believe in yourself even when faced with difficulties, keep going and success will not fail. But as a beginner, inexperienced and unprepared, it is not easy. Because the very first thing you have to do is to overcome fear. You will read a lot of what seem to be clichés in these eso books, but they lose their cliché character as soon as they are filled with content. This content, however, takes time, just as it takes time for the necessary layers to be applied and settle, so that the next layers can arrive and settle. If you do so, you will end up in an apartment after years (which for me is 20 years at the moment), out of the cycle of life, losing your connection, to which an enlightened one will say that once you have attained it, you no longer need either the connection or the illusions of the material world. Not a good advertisement for a beginner who sees in all this how and where his/her career is going.

I will tell you that the great spiritual teachers of history who descend for the benefit of humanity are all considered fools by those from whom they descend. In the same way that you are fooled by your buddies, just as after the first rise in visibility you are no longer interested in the cool things that were going on before. So what's the solution? The big question is who wants to come back and why? I heard a wise saying somewhere, good leaders are not driven by a lust for power. For example, I would be very disturbed if I were followed by veil-eyed crowds, it is not by chance that I took up Satan, although as a non-religious person that is not a problem for me anyway. But the veil-eyed masses are kept away regardless, if they knew the whole picture in the right spirit they would find nothing wrong with it. But at the vantage point where the masses are, Satan can be sold as a hoofed, brimstone-blowing, horned evil and here you can understand why anyone who would stoop to his level for humanity is looked upon as a fool. Nor is this descent necessarily understood as seeing him there, standing in the air, descending, but as his body being here, only his consciousness returning to the outside world.

But if you're a beginner, I think you're not so much interested in going down as you are in going up, and you haven't the faintest idea how to get started. I'll let you in on a big secret. People believe that there is the physical world and there is the spiritual world. Those who know the spiritual world better can break it down further. I argue that this is an anomaly and that the curriculum is flawed. The problem of the spiritual world, or anomaly, is caused by the fact that you have created another spiritual world outside of the physical world and perceive the two as one. So there is a spiritual world that only you alone can access within yourself and there is one created by human belief in the spiritual planes. And if you believe the two to be one, then what can happen is that if you believe a spiritual being that exists outside of you as a god, you can pretend to be someone else in your own world. 

When I perceived this problem, I approached it not as a problem, but as an opportunity, after I had become aware of the problems of the higher dimensional levels. My case is so unique that if I had to go back in time, my performance could not be replicated. In my past life I had some serious head injuries, after which I rearranged my consciousness so that the result was better than it was. This hardware tuning was followed by the first spiritual initiations, i.e. software tunings, and I happened to be the first person on Earth to reach the deep trans realm with my consciousness, surviving the rejected offended enemies. To feel and experiencing the problems of our world (and not just our world), only to spend years solving the problems of the higher dimensional levels with my logic-based rationality that suddenly emerged there, and the 3D timeline of my body sitting here. Then, at some point, I decided to suspend my work there and return to sort out my body's 20 years of multiplying problems. 

I'm basically an explorer, with a constructive and creative approach to the world. The big problem of coming back was how to provide the right spiritual background to support it. The solution was to make my own holo operating system that I would make so that others could use it and here again the solution is, if you want to meditate alone, which solution is best for you. The next topic to be explained is what holograms have to do with esotericism.